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western film actors

Let's see how many of them do you recognize. Name the brand behind the logo, it could be anything from a football club to a bank but all of them are well known within their area.

Huge movie quiz with 100 questions, good luck

These are word puzzles...using the numbers and letters given you must work out the phrase/quote...for example 100 = P in a P...means...100 pennies in a pound...the numbers along with the phrase MUST be given in your answer..ENJOY!! :D

Can you identify cinema's darkest movies from these stills? I've made it even more challenging by doctoring many of the photos and I've picked scenes dominated by inanimate objects, or actors whose backs are turned to the camera. Are you up for that?

How observant are you with your can of fizzy?

Do you know how your favorite writers look like? Please use their name posted on Wikipedia!

I know you like animations, but do you remember the characters' name? Check IMDB to find out their names.

Can you guess the movies, which have at least one thing in common; all titles are one word only.

Some of the most talented, charming and famous actors of all time. Can you recognise each one of them?

Guess the movie posters. I used the english title for the foreign movies

Some of the most talented, beautiful and famous actresses of all time. Can you recognise each one of them?

All these movies are remakes or remade films.
Please use the IMDB title for the right answer!

Think you know your memes? All your answers are belong to us. Part 1 in the series, more to follow

Name the movie with body parts in the title.
Use titles from IMDB.

These people are all called David, but do you know their surname

The fifth quiz covering the covers of albums. Name the album titel from the (slightly altered) cover art.

Do you watch to much television? If the answer is yes, then this quiz is for you. Most of these shows are from the US, but not all.

Can you name these classic kids toys and games from 1960's onwards. Some of these are just known by their brand name.

Do you recognize these musicians? Some are classics, others are brand new.

Can you name all of these american sitcoms from the pictures/scenes. They are sitcoms from throughout the years, some old some new

This won't be easy. Possibly the hardest footy quiz ever, so google away! All answers have been Anglesised (eg no inflections) and put into a simplified form. Good luck.

Name the actor or actress under all the paint and latex.

disney movies makes the best animated movies.disney has great movies can you guess them by scene.

Once a trademark of the United States, skyscrapers have quickly spread throughout the world. Can you name some of the tallest buildings in the world?

guess the title of the movie by looking at the pictures

The quiz title says it all, name the famous person from the eyes only

Name the British TV show from the image - past & present.

Name the footballer - full names (with the exception of middle names!) for answers (Unless they're Brazilian - there wouldn't be enough room!) ;)

A sequal to Album Covers 101 with more questions to test your music knowledge. Name the album titel from the (slightly altered) cover art.

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